Shane's Desserts

Specializing in customized cakes and dessert tables, offering unique and delicious creations for every occasion.

Delicious custom creations

We are open to do all kinds of cake/cupcake designs for all occasions.

Custom Cakes

Any design for any event.

Custom Cupcakes / Sugar Cookies

Perfect for gifts and giveaways

Dessert Table

A delightful addition to any event that will surely bring joy to all.

Dessert Signatures

Quality dessert trays for your indulgence. Pre-order.

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Delicious Custom Creations

Browse our selection of beautifully crafted event cakes and dessert tables. Message us today!

Custom Cakes

We can do all designs for all events. No limitations.

Just send us your preference, we'll make it come to life.

Custom Cupcakes

We can do different designs per cupcake.

Order is per dozen.

By single boxes or by dozen.

Complete your event with a stunning dessert table filled with delectable treats for all.

Choose from our packages or let us make a custom one for your event.

Dessert Tables